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NHA offers range of skill development programs including career training, health & safety, and emergency life support. The programs are specially designed to give the student’s knowledge as well as practical skills essential for success in jobs and professional career

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Sports injury and accidents are not uncommon in school kids. School students must be train in First Aid to manage these injuries. Basic First Aid training is designed to enhance health and safety standards at schools. It emphases the importance of First Responder in case of medical emergencies. Students are equipped to support their friends, family and relatives during any such medical emergencies.


(GDA) is specially designed to equip healthcare work force to provide quality care to patients admitted in healthcare centres. After successful completion of this program the person is qualified enough to works efficiently in healthcare setup. They can start their careers as GDA and after gaining some experience they can take up bigger roles as Supervisor in multi speciality hospitals. .


Diabetes Educator, the program focuses on developing the skills of individuals to be able to work in multidisciplinary healthcare teams and display collaborative approach towards the management of diabetes. Competency/Skills: Enhanced skills and capabilities in managing life style diseases. Ability to manage diabetes clinic along with the Endocrinologist. Ability to serve as lifestyle practitioner in any diabetes clinic/hospital. Describe diabetes, blood glucose monitoring, physical activity, aspects of diet , and foot-care to patients and/or care-givers Describe pharmacological treatment to patients and/or care-givers on request of their doctor Apply principles of teaching, learning, and behavior change in a culturally sensitive manner to facilitate self-management skills in individuals with diabetes Program Duration : 180 Days


Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. An employer is solely responsible for the health and safety of all employees in the workplace. Training their people about how to respond during emergency is the best way to cope such incident. This training prepares the participants to respond to life threatening emergencies such as Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest, Stroke / Brain Attack and Choking as well as to commonly occurring everyday medical, trauma & environmental emergencies. The participants also learn to perform CPR and use an AED during a cardiac arrest


Dental Assistants are trained professional to work under the supervision and guidance of qualified Dentists. They directly assist dentists in performing tasks like examination, treatment and surgery. Competency/Skills: Communicating with patients and preparing them for examination and/or surgery Setting up equipment and instruments Sterilizations cleaning of surgical instruments and equipment Arranging equipment and instruments Prepare materials and equipment for making casts, impressions and restorations Take care of pre, intra and post-surgical activities Assist Dentist in examination and surgery Program Duration : 180 Days


Healthcare Professionals often find information that were taught during their college days either obsolete or transformed with the of newer technique. Most physicians lack a formal course of study for most of their professional life, hence, maintenance of professional competence remains an exercise of lifelong learning and an essential requirement for evidence –based medical practice. These health professionals adopt different methods to update their knowledge from reading journals, attending continuous medical education (CME) activities to attending hands- on workshops that deal with updating a skill or learning newer technique. National Health Academy provides medical information to doctors regularly so that they remain abreast of latest advances in medical arena. Program Duration : 2-3 Hours