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Roosevelt, N.Y.: Maria Rojas Reyes, of Roosevelt, New York, receives a COVID-19 vaccine from Registered Nurse Jenni Jimenez, at the Roosevelt Family Health Center of Long Island, a Federally Qualified Health Center, in Roosevelt, New York on July 8, 2021. (Photo by Steve Pfost/Newsday RM via Getty Images)

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Dr. Lord. W. Reza

Program Director – Public Health
Dr. Lord, a TISS postgraduate and public health expert has been working for the last decade in the area of research and capacity building. He had worked for WHO and USAID. In his brief corporate association, he had worked in the domain of health insurance. There are multiple research papers that are published by his name in leading medical journals. He loves reading scientific pieces of literature

Dr. S. Karim

Director – Research
Dr. Karim is an avid researcher, an online educator, having great acumen in the core areas like business research and market research. During his long marvelous career span, he taught management postgraduates, supervised doctoral thesis, authored books, and delivered lectures in national and international forums. He served as an academician in many countries in Asia and Africa which gives him great international exposure. He is a keen reader and traveler

Dr. Sonam Verma

Research Advisor
Dr. Sonam, a neurorehabilitation expert working in the neuro physiotherapy domain for the last 10 years. He is now an assistant professor at the Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur. Her area of interest is pediatric neuro conditions such as cerebral palsy as well as workplace ergonomics. She spends her quality free time with brush and canvas

Dr. R.K. Maskara

Clinical Advisor
Dr. Maskara is a Consultant General Surgeon who has been serving Indian citizens for the last 15 years. His area of interest is laparoscopy surgery. His clinical acumen is handy for us in solving complicated problems in health care delivery. He loves reading books

Dr. Y. Tomar

Chief Medical Advisor
Dr. Tomar is a general physician, health administrator, and a genuine leader who has been serving Indian healthcare delivery services for the last 15 years. His areas of interest are hospital administration and health management. His administrative acumen is handy for us in solving complicated problems which emerge in the implementation of healthcare projects. He loves traveling and reading books

Dr. Pramod Matolia

Research Associate
Dr. Pramod is an active researcher and keen observer. His areas of interest are consumer behavior and change management. He has spent his last 10 years doing various researches and had published those findings in leading journals. He is an out-of-the-box thinker and often loves to do new things

Adv. Akhil Chaudhary

Legal Advisor
Advocate Akhil Chaudhary, a legal expert, has been constantly working for social causes for a long. His interest areas are human rights, environmental and economic issues. He works inside and outside courtrooms on various issues. His legal prowess helps us in keeping our researches ethical. He is always keen on going deep into remote villages and interacting with the affected communities for understanding social issues and bringing solutions to them

Dr. A. Mobin

Associate Director – Information and Data Management
Dr. Mobin is a statistician, researcher, and data analyst. He has been in academics for a long. His expertise areas are financial econometrics, health economics, and business statistics. He guides our research team in data management. He is a keen reader

Er. Vineet Chandra Singh

Associate Director, Academics
Er. Vineet, an electronics engineer having more than a decade of experience in training Medical/Engg aspirants. His USP is his problem-solving skills. He makes complicated problems very simple and then solves them. His passion for teaching was so strong that he had left his lucrative IT job and plunged into the coaching arena. He loves reading best-selling books

Mr. Sarbajeet Mukherjee

Project Advisor
Sarbajeet, an international relations expert and health economist, had spent a long long time in academics in various universities across the globe. His areas of interest are strategic planning and quality control. His deep understanding of the social structure of Asian societies helps the organization in the implementation of various programs. There are several research papers by his name and the most recently published paper was with the title “COVID-19 and South Asia: A Response and Beyond”. He is a hodophile

Dr. S. Tabrez

Medical Advisor
Dr. Tabrez, a physician, physiologist, author, researcher, and academician has been in the field of medical research and in training medical students for the last two decades. He had taught human physiology in various medical colleges across India and abroad. He believes in a problem-based learning approach rather than teachings through facts and figures. Many of his research findings got published in leading medical journals. He loves playing table tennis

Prof (Dr.) Bhupendra Harjani

Consultant – Dextrous Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Prof (Dr.) Bhupendra Harjani is an aluminous of King George Medical University and AMU; Prof. Harjani is a next-generation leader, a seasoned academician, an experienced and dextrous oral and maxillofacial surgeon, and a healthcare entrepreneur. As he is from the city of the Taj Mahal, his clinical acumen is as shiny as the marble of the Taj. He has been awarded by Kapildev recently as the best maxillofacial surgeon from the city of Taj. He has given most of his life to serving and treating people suffering from jaw tumors, jaw fractures, and misaligned jaws. His interest areas are Maxillofacial trauma, Orthognathic Surgery, and Implant Surgery. Prof. Harjani had delivered many lectures in conferences and seminars and presented case studies. There are more than 20 publications by his name in various medical journals. With his clinical sagacity, he brings innovation to facial surgery. In addition, he is still an avid reader and a learner. His wife, Dr. Vinny Harjani is an oral and maxillofacial pathologist, and she helps Prof. Harjani in close diagnosis.



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